The 9th Decor House Award showcased brand new creativity of home design in Taiwan


The 9th Decor House Award was hosted by Chung Cin Enterprise, Decor House Shopping Center, and HOLA Foundation for Caring & Connection under Test Rite Group. The two-day finals and awards ceremony were held on April 17, 18, 2021. This year, there were 601 entries, hitting a record high. The participating students demonstrated their innovative vision of “home” and their diverse practices in healthy living, which gave the jury of industry experts more confidence in the development of Taiwan’s home industry after the epidemic.

Y. C. Hsieh, general manager of Decor House mentioned, the Decor House Award expects to gather experience and strength in the industry and academia to actively cultivate design talents that are in line with the industry. Therefore, all students whose works advance to the finals can be guided by the judges and instructors for a period of 2 months. Each tutor is an expert with great experience in the design industry in Taiwan. Their personal guidance helped students widen their horizons and absorb the nutrients for future career development. In particular, the theme of competition this year was “Healthy Homes for All Ages” which covered inter-generational communication space and new indicators of home life. With full industry-academia communication, many new thinking and new business ideas have been stimulated, making the future of Taiwan’s home industry more promising.

The continuous expansion of Decor House Award has inspired many contestants to bravely sign up for cross-group competitions, and eventually get excellent results. In order to further support the young generation of design talents in Taiwan and the development of the industry in the future, General Manager Y. C. Hsieh announced that the Decor House Award will provide model making subsidies, so that young students who are aspiring to develop in design will have more resources to strive for opportunities to express themselves, and even toward the world stage.

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