A Professional Team of Space Integration Service

Chung Cin Team was established in 1994 and is affiliated to the listed company Testrite Group. The Team primarily specializes in estate development, planning and design, construction, mechanical and electrical engineering, interior design and decor, retail leasing and operations, and property management, providing professional one-stop service. Additionally, we have expanded our operations into various sectors including retail, professional distribution. The scope of our business extends both domestically and internationally.

The Team has a Level A construction company, a Level A electric appliance / water pipe construction M&E engineering company, an interior design & decor company, and a property management company. For three decades, we have dedicated ourselves to improving and expanding our skills and earned many achievements. Our service is the best among competitors and receives much praise from our clients, who consider us as the most reliable partner.

Our retail management philosophy revolves around providing home services, from lifestyle shopping centers, supermarkets to building material sales center. Leveraging operational and property management experience, the team integrated building maintenance services, focusing on offering comprehensive services for commercial buildings, residential communities, and properties across Taiwan.

Additionally, we develop B2B professional channels, securing contracts as an official supplier for the national military, providing diverse procurement and maintenance services. In recent years, combining trade resources with engineering industry experience, we have integrated B2B businesses of electrical & plumbing equipment with operational locations throughout Taiwan, offering a more comprehensive suite of services.

Apart from achievements domestically, we expanded our business to global markets such as the United States, Vietnam, Japan, showcasing competitiveness. In these regions, we promote real estate development, business planning, and trade services, aiming to establish stable supply chains and partnerships while consistently pursuing excellence.

The Chung Cin team always aimed to provide diverse solutions for property owners in both “commercial spaces” and “residential spaces,” making us a leading professional space integration service team in Taiwan.