▍ The First Sale and Exhibition Platform for Construction Materials; Providing customized one-stop integrated services

It is the first new conceptual store for construction materials, at which people can buy many kinds of construction material for interior design and renovation. The floor area of this store is up to 330 square meters, on which many products are displayed, such as indoor and outdoor construction material, kitchen and bathroom construction material, LED lighting and other products. In this store, the products of each brand are displayed in its own area to fully present their features. Customers can buy all they need at this store and the professional consultants are very willing to offer their service of customized design without any additional charge.

Indoor and outdoor construction materials

Wall surface materials, floor panel materials, ceiling panel materials,

paint, stone materials, 3M adhesive decoration, eco-friendly materials.

Kitchen and bathroom construction materials

Kitchenware, faucet, water purification equipment, bathroom equipment,

bathroom equipment for the disabled.

LED lightingOutdoor lighting, indoor lighting, scenario lighting.
Other ProductsElevator, Power-saving system, hot water pump.

Chung Cin Building Material Sales Center differs from other single-sale retail channels in many ways. It has much more resources and six features are illustrated in the following. We welcome all suppliers and manufacturers of construction materials to set up their exhibition counters in our store.

  • Long-term exhibition: the exhibition and sale of products are in the same way of World Trade Center; customers can select and purchase at a single place.
  • Flexible set-up requirements: small floor area, low rent fee, flexibility in the leased area, reasonable rent fee.
  • Integration of management and sale: managed and sold by designated personnel to relieve of employee hiring and greatly reduce the cost of management and sale.
  • Designated personnel for sale: salesmen are hired and trained by the store to effectively promote products and sale.
  • Multiple sale channel: customers with various needs in construction material will be attracted by our promotion events to increase sale.
  • Joint promotion events: the brands and resources of the store will be integrated to attract attention and promote brand value.


Address : 5F, No. 1, Zhongzheng Road, Luzhu District, Taoyuan City (next to Nankan Interchange)

Tel : 03-312-8952

Opening hours : Mon to Sun 11:00-22:00

Owners who are interested in the investment promotion information of the counter, please contact Sky Huang.

Tel : 03-322-6929#390

Email :sky.huang@chungcin.com.tw