Structure of Chung Cin Group

Chung Cin Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Chung Cin Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established in 1994 to provide the most reliable and professional service, including estate development and planning, property management, retail business and brand agency.

For retail business, our team has ample experience in store planning, retail leasing, operations and management. In addition to Decor House, Farmer’s Market and Chung Cin Building Materials Sales Center, we also expand our business in retails to establish a Contracted Store for the Ministry of National Defense to supply military-related goods.

Relying on years of accumulated experience in international trade and retail channels, Chung Cin has integrated team resources and stepped into international brand agency business, such as Japan’s Auto Chemical and Shirai, and is committed to providing high-quality, excellent brands and products.

Tony Construction Co., Ltd.

In 1999, Chung Cin established Tony Construction Co., Ltd., which has been one of the leading turnkey construction companies and owns a level A construction certificate, in charge of planning, management and execution of construction projects.

Tony Construction has successfully integrated group resources, including design, construction, retail leasing and interior design & décor. During project period, all related departments are coordinated as a task force team to maximize work and communication efficiency.

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Test Cin Mechanical and Electronical Engineering Co., Ltd.

Chung Cin Group established Test Cin M&E Engineering Co., Ltd. in 1997. The team has level A water and electricity installation certificates and more than 30 years of enterprise-level project experience.

Test Cin M&E Engineering is in charge of the planning/construction of the electricity, lighting, firefighting, water supply/drain, light-current, air-conditioning, etc., as well as the following maintenance and the evaluation of energy-saving solutions. We expect to bring the most complete supply and service quality to the clients, which can be said to be the top priority of the Test Cin.

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Chung Cin Interior Design /Construction Co., Ltd.

Chung Cin Interior Design/Construction Co., Ltd. was established in 2003 for the interior design and decoration of retail stores, shopping malls, offices, schools, social and private housing.

We have a solid team specializing in interior design and decoration. No matter it is the planning of commercial space, or selection and installation of display racks, or the interior design of residential space, we always provide a comprehensive service for our clients.

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U-ME Enterprise Co, Ltd.

Chung Cin merged U-ME Enterprise Co, Ltd., in 2017 to expand services in 3 main categories: cleaning/ maintenance, flooring and horticultural landscaping.

U-ME consists of a group of skillful and experienced crew members, and it has adopted many state of the art techniques, such as introducing the engineering methods from Sweden premium floor grinding machines (HTC) and launching the products from famous British floor paints (FlowCrete). U-ME is therefore able to expand its customer base across many industries, including 5-star hotels, factories, warehouses, retail channels, commercial offices, parking lots and restaurants.

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Test-On Lighting Co., Ltd.

Chung Cin merged Test-On Lighting Co., Ltd. in 2018. Test On has focused on the design, purchase, production and import of ceiling lights, decorative chandeliers and art lights for nearly 20 years. It is now one of the major lighting suppliers for TLW stores.

The promising “Easy-to-Install/ Disassemble design” has been successfully developed and was patented in Taiwan and China.

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Test Cin International Co., Ltd.

Chung Cin established Test Cin International Co., Ltd. in 2018. The team has more than 20 years of experience in construction material sale and integration services, serving more than 300 construction and engineering companies in Taiwan. By leveraging Test Rite Group’s resources, Test Cin further expands its construction material supply chain to overseas markets.

The team is committed to developing professional and cost-effective construction materials and methods. It assists clients to obtain the maximum benefit of material performance and engineering quality and provides a full range of solutions. Test Cin International also developed its own brand, “THE SUN”. The product line includes premixed mortar, thermal mortar, sound insulation mats (high performance green building materials) and concrete grinding floor.

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Chung Cin Lohas Property Management Co., Ltd.

Chung Cin Lohas was established in 2020, formerly known as the Chung Cin Group property management unit. The team leverages group resources including retail operating, construction, M&E engineering, interior design & decor, to provide comprehensive property management services. For buildings and equipment, Chung Cin Lohas makes maintenance plan, optimizes the life cycle value, minimize the operating cost and enhance reliability. For retails, it further provides all-round services such as investment strategy analysis, retail leasing, and daily operations.

Over the years, the team has developed a comprehensive and meticulous ability to manage shopping malls and applied this to the management of apartment buildings to provide a full range of protection for the home space. We make good use of the team’s accumulated experience and big data to promote a trustworthy, professional, fast, and value-for-money commercial/ residential property service platform.

From business to home customers, we can meet their various needs for “happy living”. The representative clients are Decor House Taoyuan Store and the All-Age LOHAS housing near HSR Miaoli station.

Vietnam Business

Chung Cin established ” Viet Han Co., Ltd.” in 2008 to provide construction and related technical consultancy services; in the same year, “Vietnam Phoenix International Co., Ltd.” was established, with the main business of real estate development and international trade. Phoenix joined Chung Cin in 2019, further expanded Chung Cin’s Vietnam business scope.

Viet Han’s project portfolio includes NAM LONG Building, Thien Son Plaza, Test Rite Group Vietnam Office and Life 1 Shopping Mall; in recent years, Phoenix has actively invested in the development of the red soil industrial park and completed 32 hectares of land preparation for partners to build factories and develop.