Enjoy Healthy and Delicious Food; A Good Neighbor for Local Residents

The Farmer’s Market, based on the ideas of freshness, convenience and friendly service, provides customers many kinds of fresh and healthy food from domestic and overseas markets, as well as various home necessities; meanwhile, it also collaborates with farmers all over Taiwan to deliver the fresh vegetables and fruits in season. Health and feeling at ease are guaranteed to customers. Farmer’s Market is definitely a convenient neighbor for local people in Nankan.

In addition, Taiwanese people love to eat fresh and enjoy cuisine, so Farmer’s Market introduces many kinds of delicious food over all Taiwan for group buying, such as Hung Rui Chen Sandwiches, Elate Pudding, Fuyishan Egg Roll and Touched Mille Crepe Cake. Customers can enjoy these cuisines at one place without traveling around. On every festival, Farmer’s Market also launches several products of famous brands, such as souvenir gifts and lunar new year gifts. On weekends and holidays, there will be free food and beverage samples for customers to try out these delicious products. Convenience and feeling at ease are the happiness Farmer’s Market promises customers.



Address : 5F, No. 1, Zhongzheng Road, Luzhu District, Taoyuan City (next to Nankan Interchange)

Tel : 03-322-6929#822

Owners who are interested in product sales information are welcome, please contact Store manager Alfie Tsai.

Opening hours : Mon to Sun 11:00-22:00

Tel : 03-322-6929#822, 872

Email : st.1701@chungcin.com.tw