Outstanding Real Estate Project & Diverse Products for International Market

Chung Cin Team has been actively expanding its overseas presence since 2008, establishing subsidiaries in Vietnam, the United States, and Japan, namely Viet Han Co., Ltd. (越欣責任有限公司)、Phoenix Trading International Import Export Company Limited. (鳳凰國際貿易有限公司)、Chung Cin Enterprise (U.S.) Corp、加州分公司Chung Cin California, LLC以及Zennikin Co., Ltd. (全日欣株式会社)。

In the real estate field, we are committed to investment development, leasing, and construction consulting services. By integrating the team’s abundant resources, including design, construction, retail leasing and interior design & décor, along with years of accumulated experience, we provide professional and high-quality services, dedicated to creating outstanding real estate projects for the international market.

Example of Viet Han’s project portfolio includes NAM LONG Building, Thien Son Plaza, Test Rite Group Vietnam Office and Life 1 shopping mall; in recent years, we have actively invested in the development of the red soil industrial park and completed 32 hectares of land preparation for partners to build factories and develop.

Furthermore, we are devoted to international trade, promoting local products to overseas markets in an effortless way and introducing a diverse range of international products to the local market. We offer comprehensive solutions that not only meet the demand for high-quality products but also facilitate business communications between overseas markets.

We are dedicated to expanding our global business footprint, establishing stable supply chains and partnerships locally. Through continuous effort and excellent management, we aim to provide customers with efficient and professional solutions, realizing further completement in our global business territory.