▍ Level A Water and Electricity Installation Certification

30 Years of Experience in Enterprise-Level Projects

Chung Cin Team established Test Cin M&E Engineering Co., Ltd. in 1997. The team has level A water pipe/ electric appliance construction certificates and more than 30 years of enterprise-level project experience.

Test Cin M&E Engineering is in charge of the planning/construction of the electricity, lighting, firefighting, water supply/drain, light-current, air-conditioning, etc., as well as the following maintenance and the evaluation of energy-saving solutions. Mechanical and Electrical facilities are like the vascular nervous system of a building. When the vascular nervous system has problems, the overall operation will be retarded. While other M&E companies only construct according to the blueprint, we further investigate the possibilities of improvement, such as adopting more durable equipment and standardized parts. As long as we consider more in the design and construction phase, the cost of subsequent operations can be saved more. We are committed to shortening the construction period and saving procurement and maintenance costs for the clients.

As for maintenance, we have established the management system, which standardizes protocols and specifies requirements. All operations are recorded, such as maintenance and regular inspection. We have a team with ample experience, who can resolve problems and repair equipment quickly, ensuring that the equipment can keep running under the best conditions.

At the same time, we have gathered rich material supplier resources. From new construction to maintenance and repair after completion, we can provide owners with a stable selection of materials and equipment. We have established a complete management system that can provide the fastest quotation, stable delivery and accurate signing process, we expect to bring the most complete supply and service quality to the clients, which can be said to be the top priority of the Test Cin.