Selecting New Outstanding Designers; Supporting Students with All Our Resources

With our passion and promise in design education, Chung Cin Enterprise spends millions of dollars and a whole year in holding the yearly Decor House Award, which has been a design contest for interior space, furniture and products for several years. Through the process of planning, calling for works, 3-stage reviewing, award ceremony, and travelling exhibition, this award has become our promise to support students’ great ideas, and become a benchmark contest in Taiwan.

Besides its national-wide reputation, Decor House Award is also an access to the international stage. Some students, who has participated in the design contest of Decor House Award, earned the prize of US IDA Design Award with continuous hard-working. Decor House Award, therefore, is an excellent entry for students to show their talent. In addition, the prized designs will be displayed in a traveling exhibition in Decor House stores to encourage students’ efforts and introduce art designs to people. These events will demonstrate the flourishing development in design education, build students’ confidence, and promote the design works.

We expect ourselves to integrate the resources from the industry to provide students a stage for communicating with one another and displaying their great works. In the future, we will continuously hold the Decor House Award to persist the efforts of supporting students.

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