Caring for the Underprivileged and Fulfilling Social Responsibility; Paying the Love Forward

Chung Cin Team Has dedicated itself to fulfilling social responsibility for a long time and encouraged its employees to do the same thing with their time and efforts for the needed people. We have supported the underprivileged families and education and nursing institutes by our service, such as painting, wall maintenance, and removing the rust of cooling towers. We also collaborate with Andrew Charity Association to distribute food package for remote areas and underprivileged families to satisfy their needs for housing and food.

In 2021, Chung Cin Team launched the “Old House Rebirth Sponsorship Program” to “Happy Mount Home for people with disabilities”, hoping to revitalize the old houses with preservation value. In addition to using its professional capabilities to provide house design and decoration services, it also donated NT$600,000 as a project fund. It is hoped that more people will be encouraged to participate in public welfare through practical actions.