Easy-to-Install/ Disassemble patented design ; Major lighting suppliers of TLW stores

Chung Cin merged Test-On Lighting Co., Ltd. in 2018. Test-On has focused on the design, purchase, production and import of ceiling lights, decorative chandeliers and art lights for nearly 20 years. It is now one of the major lighting suppliers for TLW stores.

The promising “Easy-to-Install/ Disassemble design” has been successfully developed and was patented in Taiwan and China.

The establishment of Test-On comes from a simple reason: “Hope”. We hope to bring a better life experience to consumers who care about aesthetics and home quality. Test-On’s product design ranges from simple to luxurious styles, allowing people to enjoy international-class high-quality lighting at home.

Test-On official website   http://www.handon888.com.tw/index.php?lang=tw