Happy Mount Old House Rebirth Sponsorship Program and Donation Ceremony


     In order to fulfill social responsibility and give back to disadvantaged groups in society, Chung Cin Team launched the “Old House Rebirth Sponsorship Program” to “Happy Mount Home for people with disabilities”, hoping to revitalize the old houses with preservation value. In addition to using its professional capabilities to provide house design and decoration services, it also donated NT$600,000 as a project fund on August 25, 2021. It is hoped that more people will be encouraged to participate in public welfare through practical actions.

     On the day of the donation ceremony, the chairman, dean and pastor of Happy Mount attended the reception and presented a certificate of appreciation to Chung Cin Team. After the ceremony, a visit to the campus was carried out to let Chung Cin colleagues better understand the history and founding philosophy of Happy Mount. Finally, the pastors sincerely prayed for everyone with thanks and love.